In July 2017, I had the honor of speaking at Layers 2017. Layers is a design conference that compliments Apple’s WWDC.

As the last speaker, I spoke about what it means to be a designer who is open to receiving new information from society and the world around them. I ended with a poem and a few people asked for it, so here goes. Audio is located below.


A poem by Amélie Lamont

I am standing here,
waiting for visibility
I want you to see me
To see me
for who I am
Perhaps even to see me
for who I be
Because at the end of the day,
all we want is to be free

Liberation is meaningless
We can step back
And examine the lack
Prevalent in a system of oppression
Perhaps It’s worth it to question
Society’s obsession with
The rapid progression
Of our transgressions

The way we design,
Has been assigned
To us by the status quo
And so maybe it’s time to fight
Not with might, but with sight
An awareness so bright
We have no choice but to
Design for both truly holistic utility and delight

Question everything
Because we’re moving fast in this swing
Dancing with complexity
Perfectly flawed in our creativity,
And flawless in our flexibility
To recognize others
As more than just numbers
We are the shapers of culture
Defining a new structure

We are open.
Please be open.