The Bold Creative

By nature, humans are creative. As children, we have no problem creating work that expresses who we are. But as we grow older, we’re taught that being creative is “bad.”

I’ll never forget the day I told my mother that I wanted to go to college to study illustration or design. She quipped, “Nobody makes money as an artist. You should become a doctor or a lawyer.”

Unfortunately, my mother’s way of thinking isn’t unique. And since she was co-signing my loans, I felt that I had no choice. I also felt scared–what if I did graduate with a fine arts degree and ended up getting a crappy job? Fearful, and thinking I was doing the right thing, I ended up going to school for business and engineering.

A year later, I made the tough decision to leave. I was at the top of my class, but I was so miserable. I felt like a failure and a disappointment. But I knew that the only way I could be happy was through embracing my creativity.

Despite my fears, I decided to pursue a design career. On my journey, I met tons of fellow creatives with similar stories to mine. I always wondered how they conquered their fears to do what they love. I soon realized that neither they nor I ever truly conquered our fears–we learned to embrace them.

For the bold creative, fear is motivation in disguise.

I know this now, but I think my life would have been quite different had I encountered closeted and confused creatives like myself earlier on. No one should go through this journey of discovering their creativity on their own. Now is the time to have a bigger discussion about fear, failure, and what it means to be creative.

Enter the Bold Creative: a themed, monthly salon where 3 featured guests talk about what it means to step into creativity, despite the fears. Why? So you can learn from their experiences, while also building a network of support.

The first salon will be in September and I’m currently collecting suggestions for speakers and themes, so if you know of a speaker, think you’d be a speaker, or have a cool idea for a theme, shoot me an email.

I’m really excited about this and can’t wait to see you at the first salon!