Amélie is a New York City-based product designer, writer and creative.

look! a wild amélie has been found!

I’m a first-generation Jamaican-American born and raised in New York City (one of those elusive native New Yorkers you hear so much about). I’ve been a consulting designer and developer for the past 10 years and first learned how to code through my love of NeoPets and anime.

When I’m not solving problems, I enjoy yoga, running, delicious foods, tea, comics, video games, drawing, cooking and making a mean green smoothie. A self-proclaimed Sailor Senshi, I enjoy reading manga and making post-its of cats and putting them in unexpected places. You can always count on me to make a Dragon Ball Z joke at the wrong time that causes everyone in the room extreme discomfort.

My past lives include being a makeup artist, a photographer, and a certified holistic health and wellness coach. Ultimately, I just want to make people smile and to make the world a better place, while encouraging everyone to be the highest, best version of themselves.

My dream is to become a design anthropologist and I’m currently in school, finishing up my bachelor’s degree. I also dream of one day getting into cosplay, but I’m lazy, so this is likely to never happen. Unless you want to partner up with me? 👀

If you want to connect, shoot me an email at amelie [at] amelielamont [dot] com. 💌